For three days the city of Dudinka, which is called the water gate of the Taimyr Peninsula, became the center of the world of Curling this was the first in the Arctic the international tournament on Curling among women’s teams of Arctic Cup.

Polar day came along with a Curling

Snow, freezing temperatures (in late may!) and the bright sun that now shines on the Taimyr Peninsula and in the night, came to the Peninsula polar day (to him, taking advantage of unique natural features, and timed tournament). Before the new kid, the world’s only ice Palace «Taimyr», built on permafrost, a surprise from the owners of the tundra: the traditional plague of local indigenous people, the aboriginal people in bright national costumes and, of course, deer — horns with the young, covered with soft wool — specially brought by helicopter to the delight of residents and guests of Dudinka.

Bet on the exotics proved to be correct: in many ways for her to distant Dudinka from the mainland arrived starship troopers strongest calingasta the world. First, the organizers thought to have a tournament for «their» and invite only the countries that, like Russia, possess polar territories, but, in addition to teams from Finland, Sweden, USA and Canada, to fight with rivals in the small but unique town located North of the Arctic circle, has wished the national team of Switzerland — the reigning world champion in Curling.

For three days, the teams played six rounds of games in the arena of «Taimyr». Fans of Dudinka and nearby villages of the Peninsula with the excitement of watching a thoughtful and fascinating game, supporting the Russian team (there were three of them, including the national team of Krasnoyarsk Krai) and encouraging foreign.

«It’s an incredible feeling to play at Home, it is always a pleasure. We used one or two people to see Russian flags in the stands. But when the whole room for you here, that brings us to three years ago at the Olympic games in Sochi. Spectators come to the match, which lasts 2.5 hours, and during all that time rooting for you. And for that, thank you very much to all organizers, in particular, and for the opportunity to play with such strong opponents. By the way, the audience is the same as we were greeted with great respect. People are so welcoming that you accept with the warmth of all who are coming. Just a family atmosphere here in Dudinka» — shared with RIA Novosti immediately after the completion of the tournament a skip of the winning team Anna Sidorova.

Team Sidorova in the final won a victory over the canadian team of skip Jennifer Jones with the score 5:3. And the bronze medal went to Russian team skip and Victoria Moiseeva, who took over the Swiss team, headed by two-time world champion Alina PEC with the score 5:4.

During this «family celebration», the mayor of Dudinka Yuriy Gurin was right there, among the fans. The ice Palace, we can say, his child: a year ago, he led the development Center of winter sports and was responsible for last year’s «Cup of Taimyr» on Curling among men’s teams of Russia, which became the dress rehearsal for the current global phase of the Arctic Cup. It was he who in 2011 started the construction of the ice Palace and went all the way «from the stick to commissioning». And just because he had the honor to open the international tournament symbolically throw the granite stone down the ice.

«Last year, after our ice arena Cup «Taimyr», was such an emotional outburst to people — to us, to Dudinka, came the strongest players from all over the country, and what level the tournament! This was followed by a surge of interest in Curling, we had a school of this sport. Even I did, until time allowed. And of course, I did practice before going out on the ice, in order not to lose face. But, more importantly, we are for seven months was prepared by the team and sent it to the competition of the Krasnoyarsk territory, where they became Champions! Us seriously at first no one took, and when he realized what was happening, the team has been unstoppable. We now have kids engaged and adults,» — said Gubin RIA Novosti news Agency the ceremony of awarding the winners and closing of the tournament.

The mayor recalled that an international tournament would not be possible without the participation of such General partner as «Nornikel». «Of course, we must say a huge thanks to the company «Norilsk Nickel», which allocates large funds for the development of sports in the region, and most importantly, supports not only high performance sports but also mass sports, healthy lifestyle. Children’s school of Curling also exists thanks to the help of «Norilsk Nickel», — he stressed.

The organization of the tournament, the beauty of the ceremonies of opening and closing with the inevitable local touch in the form of dancing to the shamanic drum and flashes of fire (a symbol not only of the hearth but also the natural wealth of the Peninsula is its gas fields), both Russian and foreign participants took on «cheers.» By the time they have passed the rite of initiation into tamirci: learned that according to legend the Nganasans are the most Northern people of the Eurasian tundra — the earth is flat, and keep it mammoths, accompanied by meditative sounds of Jew’s harp received a blessing from the four main goddesses of the Peninsula is the mother of the Sun, mother Earth, mother moon and mother of the Water, cementing his acceptance of the spirit of the shaman and a SIP of water from the sacred lake of the Nganasans.

According to her, Canadians remained «delighted» from the organization of the tournament.

The attractiveness of the tournament in Dudinka, which promises to become permanent, and adds that the SST has already acknowledged his right to the accrual of the teams points, which affect their world ranking of Curling.

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